Monday, January 15, 2007

Sometimes an Eagle

Sometimes, just sometimes, something or someone comes (or rather flies) into one's life, and just when she needs it most. Yesterday's jaunt through the woods and fields in Lanark was considerably warmer than Saturday's frigid expedition, but for some reason, I found myself thinking of previous winters and the feathered friends encountered in them, and I felt rather "blue".

In January when the snows of the north lands are deep and the Great Grey Owl turns toward the south in search of food, there is usually at least one of these great birds in residence on the Two Hundred Acre Wood in Lanark, and I have often been privileged in having them as pottering companions during my winter rambling. Just seeing the great northern owl is one of the most remarkable experiences one can ever have in the wild places in deep winter, and I was forlorn yesterday, looking at the stark grey and brown fields all around me and thinking that I would not (sigh) have a Great Grey to wander with this year. The Great Greys are rare at any time, and seeing them is always a manifestation of grace in one's life.

As I stood in the western field yesterday afternoon and looking morosely at the cedar post where a magnificent Great Grey Owl sat around this time last winter, there was a sharp cry, a flash of wings, and there it was - the Old Wild Mother had sent me a splendiferous Bald Eagle, and what a beauty - the crisp plumage, hooked beak, sharp talons and fierce golden eyes were truly impressive, and I now have a better idea what the expression "eagle eyed" is all about.

Once home and thawing out (especially my blue and camera clicking fingers), I couldn't decide whether this was a male or a female eagle as no difference between the plumage of male and female "baldies" is noted in my field guides, but that is not important. The eagle was there, and that is all that matters. The fact that I had mounted the telephoto lens on the Lumix before starting out was a good thing too.

An original Monday haiku sequence for One Deep Breath is here.


Kim Antieau said...

Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous. Blessings on your journeys, my dear. What a great gift. Thank you for sharing it—and her/him.

middle-angel said...

Very impressive! Combination of the colors of yellow, white and black is really beautiful. I even feel dignity in what the nature has given to Bald Eagle.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful.

Tabor said...

Perfect photo. Now I am even more determined to get a telephoto...although the talent/composition/etc. cannot be purchased.

Shelley said...

Wow, Cate, what a stunning blessing.

This has put me to remembering the eagles we saw soaring over the cliffs in Nova Scotia, and how startlingly fierce their gaze was, when turned upon one.

Thank you, as ever, for sharing your gifts.

Lené Gary said...

Many blessings for you, the one with eyes to see them.