Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow and Silence (Haiga)

There are times in life when words are unnecessary, completely superfluous and an excessive refinement. This, methinks, is one of those times.

I revisit this poignant snowy scene this morning and know everything within it as perfect and complete and needing no words from me. It isn't that I can't find words to describe the moment — the cold air, the winter sunlight, the wispy clouds and unseen (but heard and felt) hollow wind blowing across the hill, the windswept field and tree, the intense purple shadows, the feelings arising from being there at that moment— it is simply that the image has no need of my clumsy descriptive efforts and rambling elucidations.

My winter view is a visual meditation or haiga which is perfect, just as it is. Why have I said anything at all?


Anonymous said...

The silence your photo invokes is enough.Words are not necessary. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and read it every day.

silverlight said...

inexplicable beauty needs no words.

fred said...

Yes, the shadows really are purple, aren't they. Seeing that detail--as opposed to shadows being just "dark" takes an uncommon eye. And going slowly in the world. Nice image.