Saturday, December 30, 2006

Paint the Day White

This morning we are into winter mode and (as usual), we are not doing things by halves here in the north. Last evening's forecast of "a few centimetres of frozen precipitation" was exceeded within the first five minutes, and a dense fluffy blue snowfall continues. The storm will abide with us all day, and it appears that we will not be off to the Two Hundred Acre Wood at all - it would probably be difficult to locate the necessary traffic arteries, let alone travel them in safety.

The first acts of this day after pulling the draperies open and starting a heady brew of French roast were to sweep off the entrance and walkway, then dust the snow off the bird feeders and fill them to brimming. The feathered friends will be hungry today, and their "nosh" will be buried somewhere underneath all this lovely whiteness.

My bones creak, and my joints protest this weather vigorously. My eyes (on the other hand) adore newly fallen snow and winter days, and they frame image after stark and poignant image, even when I am not holding my camera in a gloved and shaky hand. The world is taking on the perfect colours and contours of a winter study by Hiroshige, Hasui or Kuniyoshi, and painting after painting is kicking up its heels behind my eyelids this morning.

When I caught a snowflake on my tongue a while ago, it sparkled like windbells and tasted blue.


Suzie Ridler said...

A stunning lyrical post. I can't help but wonder where in Canada you are but do not envy that you are dealing with snow. We had our freak snowstorm on the island in November but have settled into the wet winter weather of BC.

You are a wonderful writer and those images are stunning.

k said...

I really enjoyed your post this morning - makes me wish it was snowing here too. Always love to check out your beautiful photos each morning.

Val said...

Those photos are SO reminscent of Japan - well the Kyoto I know anyway. I saw some wonderful scrolls and screen paintings that conveyed so much with so few brushstrokes. I never appreciated them before. Similarly I never appreciated snow so much till I saw it through your eyes. We have so little here these days, but I look forward to even frost now!

Anonymous said...

From the island of global warming (Long Island), I send gleeful joy at your photos of snow! Beautiful and magical. Thank you.

I am still smiling over your comment about catching a snowflake.

Tabor said...

I'm with you. When it comes to winter the mind is willing but the body ain't.