Friday, December 08, 2006

Mama Says Om - Smooth

What could be smoother than snow? It blankets the landscape in the northern highlands, draping itself over hillsides and filling in woodland hollows here and there. It heaps itself like meringue on glacial dropstones, rounds off the contours of old rail fences, conceals hedgerows entirely and cloaks the fragrant spruces, cedars and old oaks in a mantle of whiteness that is deep and clean and smooth. Snow is without prejudice - it wraps itself lovingly around everything it encounters in its headlong descent, and enfolded in its pristine billows and swirls, we are all equal.

There is rest, stillness and peace in winter, only the occasional muffled sounds of the wind and deer moving quietly through the trees, the murmur of streams still unfrozen. Vast multitudes of snowflakes fall, but no two are the same.

Written for the wise women at Mama Says Om.


Endment said...

Where are all those words I love so well when I need them??? They simply won't line up to express my awe... Beautiful!

GreenishLady said...

That is so peaceful. Thank you.

K Allrich said...

Your weaving of words and image evokes perfectly the sense of the season. The snow. The quiet. Lovely.

Shelley said...

"Snow is without prejudice."

Love it.

Thank you, again, Cate, for your sharings.