Saturday, December 16, 2006

Little Fractal Rivers

The little woodland rivers in Lanark bear within themselves, other smaller channels, eddies and coves: tides ascending and retreating, quiet pools and waves, marshes, estuaries and deeper unseen running currents.

In springtime, little woodland rivers are tempestuous entities, and they are raucous in their descent, pouring themselves down the hillsides with mad abandon and delicious scorn. In summer, they flow undergound and move beyond our view, murmuring softly in company with the trees above them. In autumn, they are Sargasso seas of waving fallen leaves, and they whisper of change and cold to come.

In winter, the little rivers are artists whose chosen medium is ice, all spirals and swirls and glorious icy fractals.


Anonymous said...

some amazing photos you have here! (first time here visiting from mama says om)

Anonymous said...

Hi kerrdelune,

Yes, it is arrogant of us to think that nature ceases in winter. What propaganda! Your photos make me realize that it suffices simply to look more closely.

The idea of water as an artistic medium changes my view of the wetlands outside my door.

Also, I finally looked up the word Inukshuk. Now that's a really special concept. I like it a lot. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

So many things to see --- so little time to be out where we can see them!

silverlight said...

These photos are wonderful art by good fortune.
Nature is as always; serendipitus