Saturday, December 02, 2006

First Storm of the Season

Yesterday, there was snow, then there were several hours of razor-edged cutting ice pellets, and late in the day, there was a drenching rain which froze as it fell, an excoriating wind which lacerated the faces, ears and hands of hapless pedestrians and obdurate wanderers.

Walking was a wet and treacherous business, and so much for the first winter photos of the pretty blue (but very wet) snow in the garden - the first snows turned rapidly to ice, slush and puddles, and the streets here became wickedly slick and slippery.

The day was beautiful for all that, and it was delightful to walk out among the first snows of the season for an hour or two. Until the rain and the winds made their appearance in the afternoon, the old ash trees in the garden behind the little blue house in the village were astonishing - they were magical, magnificent and quite beyond written description. The first snowfall of the season made everything new again.

If I had been little younger and more agile, and there had been more snow, I would have been building artful snowmen and making angels in the snow.


Val said...

Maybe its not such a bad thing to have the description first without the images. Us Taurus like a while to get used to change, even though its everpresent! (will call back later, of course)

Endment said...

Our storm blew itself out last night, only bringing rain...

Blogger, Beta Blogger whatever - they are having their moments - Something has been eating comments and photos... Hope your Beta Blogger gets into the mood to cooperate soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, "excoriating"! I love seeing new words in my native language. Walkers are ever so much more aware of weather variations than drivers. I really enjoying seeing the world through your eyes.

I had trouble posting today. Blogger suggested hitting the "refresh" button. It's working better now. Stay dry and warm.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cate,
We were so lucky to have a gorgeous day together. I must thank you and thank mother nature. We didn't have to walk through any ice and water puddles. But your photograph is beautiful... As I looked out, the branches on the pine trees were heavy and I wondered if we would not have any electricity, luckily it did not go out.
Dress warmly on your tottering and I wish I were there with you.
Take care