Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day


Tabor said...

I love this graphic. Is it yours? It makes a wonderful yuletide card. The winter solstice is my birthday which unfortunately, get sandwiched and slightly forgotten in between all the other stuff. At least I am in good enough health to get older!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tabor - great graphic, and very representative of how we spent our holidays too.

kerrdelune said...

Thank you, Tabor and Bev!

Well... the graphic was one of those "middle of the night" concoctions - it began with trees and a landscape drawn in Adobe Illustrator, then I scanned in an earlier pen and ink drawing of a Yule log and its attendants and added that. At that point I looked for my colored pencils and couldn't find them, so used red and green felt markers to add those colors to the leggings and boot tops. The last thing to be added was my own (dreadful) handwriting.

In the beginning, the whole thing was going to be used on our family Yule card for this year, but I opted to use a photo of a favorite big pine tree in Lanark instead, will be posting that in the next few days, possibly even tomorrow.

Hope you both had a good Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrdelune

This is a wonderfully peaceful image. I love the green and the red. It must mean that you are back home from the hustle and bustle. These words are such a gift to receive while I am here at work, stuck in my swively chair.

Anonymous said...

Happy Boxing Day, Kerrdelune, and thanks for the lovely Christmas photos you shared, too. I hope you had a very good day, although I'll admit snow isn't my thing. We do have a rain storm coming in tonight, however.