Sunday, November 12, 2006

Window Tryptch - Sunday

From his appointed place among the frayed and tattered leaves in the garden behind the little blue house in the village, Hotei is still smiling and wiggling his toes - he is not the slightest bit put out by the cold and damp of November, but he will be coming indoors in the next week anyway (before the snow really flies).

The sunflowers were glorious this summer due to the heat and humidity, but their gold is a thing of the past, and their seed is long departed into the seasonal hoards of the chipmunks. In their present tawny, frostbitten and drooping forms, the tall rattling husks are merely imposing and sculptural, but they are such lovely creatures to take photos of that I can never resist.

Cassie, my furry soulmate and constant companion, seldom makes an appearance here because she rarely pauses long enough for a photo to be taken. This morning, she was peering intently (or rather glaring) at the squirrels on the roof and trying to figure out how she could climb up and join them.


Endment said...

It looks as if there is some beutiful light in your part of the world today!
I especially like your sunflower photo.

Rowan said...

I agree wityh you about the beautiful sculptural qualities of some plants, I keep teasels long after they are finished for the same reason - and also because I'm hoping to attract goldfinches to them. Cassie is beautiful also and has a soulmate in Bilbo Baggins, he spends a great deal of his time chasing squirrels up trees and then gazing hopefully up at them. Fortunately they aren't silly enough to respond to his wagging tail and come down. :)

Anonymous said...

Sabrina likes to watch the red squirrels that run along the window sills outside our living room. She watches silently, but if I'm around, she'll bark a few times as though she's doing her job to chase them away. Last summer, she accidentally cornered one on the front porch and it was the strangest thing as she wouldn't look straight at it even though she was only about 3 feet away. She kept turning her head away as though she was too shy to look it in the eye.

GreenishLady said...

Cassie has the look of a venerable old lady, somehow. Maybe it's the colour around her muzzle. There's a wonderful autumnal quality to all those photos.