Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rain and Ash

A rainy November morning, and I am indoors by the window with a mug of coffee, my camera and spectacles and a stack of books on subjects such as forestry, hydrostatics, astronomy, snowflakes and winter birds - the virus is still with me, and it seems I will be here indoors for a day or two longer. I still have a fever and am continually falling asleep in my chair.

The task at such times is not to turn away in frustration and boredom and indulge in helpless fuming, but to look through the window and watch the day (and the wetness) unfurling slowly like ribbon off an old wooden spool, to keep one's eye on the ball, the railing, the bird feeder or the tree. Failing anything else, I am treating this medically mandated sojourn indoors as an exercise in mindfulness, focused thought and patience.

If one looks thoughtfully and with careful eyes, there is always something new or at least slightly different to see "out there" in the garden behind the little blue house in the village. The old ash tree looks somewhat different this morning - she is silhouetted against the morning sky just as always, but today I am seeing her in classic November mode, through rain, mist and wet streaky window glass.


Anonymous said...

Inspired by your beautiful rain shot, I just put my camera in a plastic bag, and ran out to take a shot of the weed tops with a foggy background. Not too bad!

Hope that you are feeling better soon.

Pam in Tucson said...

What a beautiful mood in the photo. It's a quiet time of year for you - still bright and busy where we are. Hope you're feeling better soon and able to get out and share with us more photos of your wonderful world.

Endment said...

wonderful reminder to follow the ribbon watch beauty unroll before me.

K Allrich said...

What an inspiration you are, to find such beauty from your arm chair [and the energy to share it with us]. I love this photograph. Love it! Rest Dear One.

Maya's Granny said...

Rest. Get well. Meanwhile, thank you for the lovely pictures and words.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Cate,
Sip your tea with contentment, you are a wise one. Stay indoors with warmth and regain your strength.
You are always amazing, your inner strength and your beauty is seen in your words and in your photos.
Thank you for sharing with us as usual.
Your friend, Louise

Dedri said...

I have thought of you all day, sitting by your window. You lead a richer more in-depth life sitting there with your camera and your wonderful mind than do three fourths of the people on this planet. You are an inspiration and a touchstone for all that is good and worth living for on this planet. I hope you know what a large impact you have, and how valued you are. Thank you for your writings and your pictures and for fearlessly sharing yourself with us.

Kim Antieau said...

What a lovely post! So often we spend our days waiting to get this or that done so we can live our lives. But all those moments are our lives. Recently I was sitting in the car at a stop light. Normally I would have been impatient, but I remembered that this is my life. I looked at the gorgeous red of the stop light and around at the trees that were popping with color in the rain. And I leaned against my sweetie and breathed and thought, "Ain't this the life?"

Big (gentle) hugs.

Lené Gary said...

It takes great strengthh to have new eyes. From your posts, it's clear you always do.