Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

Chances are that there will not be many children ringing the doorbell this evening, but the little blue house in the village is ready to go, and it is decorated with jack o'lanterns, witches, bales of hay, cornstalks and scarecrows - there is nothing scary here, as my guests this evening will probably be toddlers accompanied by their parents.The witch on the front door is a benign, smiling and very welcoming presence to the neighbourhood children who will visit us this evening.

For some reason, I find myself remembering a long ago Halloween when I went trick or treating, visiting close friends all togged out in costume and with an empty wine goblet in hand. I am much older and (hopefully) a little wiser then I was then - I was a university student in those faraway madcap days and inclined to silliness when there was occasion to be away from books and studies for a few hours.

Memories of those long ago Halloweens linger, and they are happy ones. This is my favourite night of the whole turning year, along with Yuletide, and I remember them all with fondness.

Happy Samhain/Halloween to you, Happy New Year. . .


Endment said...

Wishing you a happy holiday!
We don't expect visitors other than the racoons this evening it is too far for little feet to come up our hill.

I really enjoy your memories!

Anonymous said...

Happy Hallow's Eve to you, Cate! May the turning new year bring you beautiful things - every day.

GreenishLady said...

Wishing you good things on this Samhain / Hallowe'en. I've had visitors, young and not so young, who appreciated the giant spiders and webbing in my porch, and the scary lighting (or lack thereof), but mostly appreciated my chocolate and lollipops!

silverlight said...

The treat for me always, is reading your blog and the pleasure it gives me.