Monday, October 02, 2006

Splashy Woods

Yesterday was one of those quiet days which is a balm for body and spirit, but not if one approaches it in conventional terms and gazes on the world around her with mundane eyes.

If one pottered along holding the thought that the day was cold, very wet and left much to be desired, there was nothing to see. If, on the other hand, one left the beaten path and ventured deeper into the woods to look at the shape and texture of the wet trees and their rosy turning leaves through the mist, the woodland was a place of wonder, magic and contentment - the whole day was a feast and a banquet.

Everything I saw yesterday seemed to be a painting rather than a photograph, and it is unfortunate that I lack the skill in either area of expertise to capture these wonders as they so richly deserve to be captured. Autumn's wonders are too numerous to encapsulate on a list (even a very long one), and every year is a different tale.

The Monday morning haiku for this week is here.


Anonymous said...

I like your pix. Makes me want to be out in the woods myself right now, but I'll have to wait for the weekend.

Val said...

Some profound thoughts here - about autumn leaves but also about the way we shape our lives, that they can be a feast and a banquet whatever the circumstances. Thank you.