Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Morning Leaves

This morning, fallen leaves lie deep along the dewy trail, drifting down from high places to gift themselves to the early wanderer and the patient observer in the park. No two leaves are alike in the pale sunlight and cool September wind, but they are a community for all that, a community of the errant, the wayward and the fallen.

The leaves are dancing in their places, and they ripple and billow like the sails of an old barge going carefully up the river at twilight. They make a dry rustling music that whispers of the turning seasons, of waning light and change - they sing of a fine and crunching frost below my feet, of bare branches glistening overhead,
some time very soon.


Jennifer S. said...

lovely, we are on the same wavelength today :)

silverlight said...

Nice leaves. Nice photos.
Very good composition.
Most expressive.

Endment said...

The leaves are dancing here --- autumn has not spread her colors yet --- only splattered a few hints of things to come so far.

i sit her gazing out the window and long to feel frosty leaves crunch beneath my feet.