Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smaller Focus

Craving colour, texture and a kind of rustling music, I went out twittening among the leaves in the woods yesterday and focused on small things for an hour or two, no grandeur, wide vistas or rolling hills, just the leaves beneath my feet, flickering sunlight and the wind in the trees.

In the greater scheme of things, mine was a small and insignificant undertaking, and the carpet of leaves by the spring in the woods was a small and insignificant undertaking too, but we were both exactly where we should be, and we were both where we needed to be yesterday.

I returned home late in the day having found my wild roots again, feeling quiet and refreshed and knowing beyond any doubt that great things dwell effortlessly and with boundless grace within that which is small and insignificant. Why then do we human creatures spend so much of our time on earth trying to cram a whole quart into a pint pot?


Lil said...

Oh Cate, what wonderful pictures! With every fall one you take, I am getting more and more used to the idea that fall is indeed around the corner!

And to answer your question, in my humble opinion, I think it's because for the most part we cannot live in the moment. We need to constantly crave the next rush...the next crest of the hill.

Eckhart Tole wrote a whole book about honning our ability to live in the "now", but man oh man, what a tough read! I often read it at night and could only make it through a couple of pages before I felt my eyes begin to close! Not that it put me to sleep, rather it took alot of brain power to absorb his teachings.

As a side note, I enjoy the fact that you post so early in the morning...seeing as I'm up with my wee one...I can always count on coming to your blog and smiling along to your musings!

Lil :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, but what is twittening?

Maya's Granny said...

Lovely. The color is amazing -- we get more yellow in our leaves. And, of course, the ones that turn brown and drop. That lovely russet is not seen here very often, and then only on imported trees.

Val said...

Oh lillithmother that is an inspiring book. Just read it sentence at a time! That is here and now, if anything is!

Such wonderful images, I can feel and smell the leaves; and such excellent writing. "we were both where we needed to be" I need to remember that more often. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Good morning Kerrdelune,

A fine wine in a beautiful ceramic decanter. Your wisdom fits so well in the fine words you have chosen.

I went to high school in the 70's. We read Barry Commoner. We learned the expression "Less is more." I often get nostalgic for that time, despite the downside of platform shoes and huge sideburns.

I love your suggestion that by inverting the accepted order of things, we might discover a pearl of insight. Thank you for this.