Friday, September 22, 2006

Mama Says Om - Clear

Clear is simplicity and balance. Clear is what remains when one pares away the dross of mundane living and the detritus of empire and subscribes instead to "enoughness", to that which is lean and supple and spare.

Clear is going into the uncharted territories which lie ahead, going unencumbered and carrying only the bare essentials for the journey, but trusting that it will always be enough, that there will be bridges for crossing, trees for shade, water to ease one's thirst and stars overhead to light the way. Clear is walking that path with a tranquil expression, an easy stride (or a lurch or a hobble) and a light heart.

Clear is being truly present in this place and time in which I find myself, counting my breaths and just letting go of all the outward rattle and hum.

Clear is seeing my reflection in a window, a pond or a pool of rainwater and not turning away from that gnarly old creature in dismay and loathing, but embracing her and welcoming her home.

Clear is the rocky bones and contours of the land revealed in autumn. Clear is treading the gate. Clear is the commonwealth I am journeying toward, sometimes on foot and sometimes paddling.


mandaroo63 said...

beautiful photo and beautiful words, my favorite entry on "clear" on mso this week

Anonymous said...

Cate, this was beautiful [and I recognized myself in your words through blurring tears].