Friday, September 15, 2006

Mama Says Om - Beauty

The theme at Mama Says Om this week is "beauty".

In September, northern beauty is the trees and their tumbling fiery leaves, the contours of the woodland coming into view as the leaves swoop and fall. Beauty is the grain harvest, cornfields and pumpkin patches, wild geese in flight against the golden moon and brightly coloured produce appearing at farm gates and open air markets. It is the last roses of the season now blooming in my garden.

I often think that the roses of September are the most beautiful roses of the whole turning year, magnificent in their deep cupped shape, vibrant colours, velvety texture and heady fragrance - it always seems to me that their splendid fragrance is even richer and more exotic in the cool crisp air of autumn. The roses of September are a gift.


Anonymous said...

The late blooming rose is, indeed, a sweeter gift. And so are your words.

Endment said...

You are so right - what a lovely rose... I was just thinking of yellow roses in connection with Ann Richards (the last great governor of Texas) who died a few days ago. Another lovely yellow rose :)

Lil said...

What a beautiful picture - thank you for sharing!

tracey clark said...

I often consider September full of gifts that often go unnoticed. Thank you for bringing another one to my attention. What a lovely image.