Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lantern and Maple Leaves

It's a a classic September morning: grey skies, foggy foggy dew, cool temperatures and a light caressing wind that refreshes body and spirit after the rainforest interval of northern summer. This morning, there is rain in the air, and the heady fragrance of herbs wild and domesticated flinging their leaves and their seed to the overcast skies with riotous abandon.

The world around me is still green and will be mostly so for many days to come, but it is dappled with leaves in red and gold and russet, and the glorious colours are echoed in the organic produce I am acquiring at farm gate shops, farmers' markets and roadside kiosks.

Every day or two, the lantern at the gate fills up with fallen red maple leaves from an old tree behind it, and I climb up to clear out the lantern casing in order that we can see our twilight world when the sun goes down in flames behind the garden. There is such abundance everywhere, such vivid wealth in these early fall days. . . .


Maureen said...

ahhh, I see you have a ceiling of maple leaves nearby too. They're like stained glass, like moth wings, like tiny poems written in scribbly veins on living-paper ... tied to branches waiting to fall into some lucky wanderer's hands. I love this photo of your too -- a perfect accompaniment to the poem with it, and to this post with your lantern story.

I think if I had your lantern, I would enjoy once in awhile leaving leaves inside, so in the night, I could see the light streaming through the colors. :-)

Lil said...

OMG Cate, I'm seriously not ready (has alot to do with the trepedation of being stuck inside the house with my wee one)...and yet here you are embracing fall...I mean what choice do you have, it's already happening where you are! Beautiful imagery, beautiful photo!