Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Writing the Journey Next Year

Here at the end of August, I find myself already thinking of the next calendar year and what mechanisms I shall put in place to chronicle the events of this small, quiet and singularly uninspiring life in the foothills of the Laurentian Shield.

If the Fates are kind, then I shall be able to continue my early morning blogging practice and will write here every day, coffee mug in hand. Shall I also devote a few minutes to writing a daily page or two in one of the beautiful blank books already residing on the shelf in the study? If I wish to begin anew with good intentions and in a book acquired solely for the purpose (a very good idea), my newly acquired journal will probably have to be a birthday or Yuletide gift, and a little preliminary penmanship work is probably in order.

As it happens, there are a number of beautiful journals on offer for next year, and thoughts of the virgin bindings, thick creamy paper and blank pages waiting to be filled up with my appalling handwriting and inky sketches are intoxicating. I muse also on the proper writing instruments for next year, fountain pens, bamboo brushes and inkstones, "rollers" and vibrantly coloured felt markers.

What are your own thoughts and practices on journaling and the journaling process, on the books you choose for the purpose, the pens with which you write and other materials used like collages, art cards, original sketches and photos?

My own datebook and journal choices (at least for the present) are written out below, and there are links to sites where they can be acquired.

Lunaria (Friday Press publishes a lovely series of calendars and journals focused on lunar cycles rather than the conventional calendar year.)

Moleskine (Moleskine needs no introduction here, and I particularly love their thick blank artist sketch books with black oilskin covers, sewn spines and elastic closures)

The Sacred Journey (a beautiful blank journal subtitled Daily Journey for Your Soul)

We'Moon (more of a datebook actually, a publication of We'moon Press. Their theme for 2007 is purpose.)

The original haiku series for this week is here.


Endment said...

What a beautiful collection of choices!!!
I have been making some "artist" type journals myself... I picked an assortment of papers, some bristol paper for drawing, charcoal paper (in assorted colors), a few sheets of watercolor paper and some wonderful creamy resume paper for writing. They are still quite simple, - I have learned to use a coptic stitch and to cover the book boards. I discovered that after stitching the entire journal together blank pages no longer provide any block - simply an opportunity to write or draw...

silverlight said...

I find the same thing. a beautiful blank book. Invites me, no, challenges me to fill it with marvelous writing, poems and/or illustrations.
I read your blog quite frequently. You have a marvelous way with the written word.

Anonymous said...

Everyday your blog inspires me, I love your pictures and your words.

Val said...

The Sacred Journey 2007 looks so inviting. Ive even found a shop in Glastonbury that stocks it (only an hours drive from me, and a wonderful town) Thank you.