Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Overnight Storm, Heat and Haze

Overnight it rained here, and the whole sky was painted with dense cloud, crackling thunder and sheets of heat lightning until an hour before dawn. This day may well prove to be the hottest day of the entire summer with temperatures projected for the high thirties and humidity forecasted to match.

At sunrise it was already sweltering, and a dense heat haze lay over the entire village. There is a heat advisory for this day, and I have already taken Cassie for her walk through the park and spent a brief interval in the garden tending the veggies and the flowers. This is not a day to be out of doors for long, and other alfresco taskings will have to wait for (hopefully) slightly cooler temperatures at twilight.

This summer, my usual diurnal summer routines have undergone a radical transformation and have become nocturnal exercises. Like the bats and the owls, I am now a creature of the night, albeit one who is lacking wings - a careful moonlight gardener who is tethered to the earth but is slowly learning to know the stars.

Happy Lugnasadh (Lammas, Loaf Mass or First Harvest) to all.


Endment said...

I can feel the heat!!!

How wise to become nocturnal! Perhaps I will explore that option also.

Sending you "cool" thoughts

Pam in Tucson said...

Happy Lugnasadh to you! May you have fruitful harvests. I read on endment's blog that you had temps. of 118 degrees - unbelievable! Even we don't get that kind of heat. With the kind of humidity you have, that must be unbearable. We hole up in the summers and are early morning people; even our evenings tend to be too hot, despite the darkness. Stay cool and enjoy the stars.