Saturday, August 12, 2006

Orange in the Garden

Turk's Cap Lily (Lilium superbum)

We are off to Lanark, and I nourish hopes that it will be a little cooler there this morning, that the humidity will be lower, and there will be fewer biting insects about. There has been a truly phenomenal hatch of horse flies, deer flies and mosquitoes this year, and they are always hungry.

My exuberant freckled Turk's Cap Lilies are also having an excellent year, but they do not bite - they nod their orange heads in agreement with everything said in their presence. They dance in the breeze and they smile, a
colourful example of Gaia's perfect organic architecture to make one's heart sing in August.


Endment said...

What glowing color for this wonderful August morning!

Have a lovely ramble :)

Val said...

How wonderful. The remind me of works of art in glass by Dale Chihuly that I saw at Kew Gardens last year.

Val said...

I thought more and more about your images, and the memories they conjured up spawned a post of my own! Thank you.

Tabor said...

I once visited a friend at Bethany Beach who had these lovely lilies. I took some of the dark seeds home, but had no luck. They are really lovely flowers when in bloom!

silverlight said...

These are gloriously beautiful.
They are very like Tiger Lilies.
Out here Tiger lilies grown wild.
Thank you for such a lovely picture.