Saturday, August 26, 2006

Leaves in Flight

One can feel it in the air this morning, this changing of the seasons from summer to autumn with its waning golden light and its longer shadows along the hedgerow.

The first coloured leaves are already tumbling in slow spirals into the garden, and these end-of-August nights are cooler entities. At long last, I can unlatch the casement windows in evening and let cooling breezes drift through the little blue house, and doing so has the feel of an autumn rite, one which dovetails perfectly with my custom of lighting a small yellow beeswax candle at sunset.

Every day, the geese and ducks flow over the house in great singing waves, thousands of birds flowing out to the stubble fields in early morning to forage and flying back to the river at nightfall to rest on the waters until the light returns. Although their migration is still several weeks away, there is journeying in their song.


Lil said...

That's beautiful Cate...

Yes, the air does have the edge of coolness to it, but I'm not ready for Autumn just yet! I'm going to go gaze upon my still flourishing garden and still wear my sandal! ;-p

Anonymous said...

Hello kerrdelune,
I can't remember which portals I passed through to get here. These are beautiful photographs -- so much love and respect in the lens. You prose is so refreshingly solid and pleasing. I love the blogging community that I'm in, but the shorthand and the cheapening of the language really irritate me.

I've been keeping a life list this year in honor of my parents who passed recently. It has made me so much more aware of the small changes in weather, color, light, sound. This post rang true for me.

paris parfait said...

Beautiful! We're seeing the same thing in France - it's turned cool and fall-like and the leaves dying. But your description of it all is much more poetic! :)