Sunday, July 23, 2006

Oh Dragonfly

The air in Lanark was full of dragonflies yesterday, and they were constantly in motion. Capturing a photo (even a fuzzy photo) of one of these creatures is something that comes along rarely, so I was happy when this one perched on a leaf nearby for a few seconds and waited for me to click.

It is only this year that there has been time to look at (and think about) such little miracles as dragonflies, and I am very much a beginner when it comes to identifying these winged wonders, but I (very) tentatively identified it as a Yellow-legged Pondhawk.

They are small creatures, and they are certainly numerous in summer, but dragonflies are remarkable, and I am looking forward to the dragonfly studies already planned for this winter along with several others such as the history and geology of the Lanark Highlands, wild turkeys, beetles, moths, cicadas and nut trees. I am going to be busy. . . .

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harmonyinline said...

Dragonflies are elusive creatures but the unexpectedly one will pose
lovly photo