Saturday, July 15, 2006


This fountain lives in the perennial garden at All Saints Church in the village of Westboro. Her calm round face, kindly presence and the slow soothing gurgle of the water into the basin below her chin are soothing indeed on hot days like this one when the temperature is well over one hundred degrees without humidity factored into the equation. In early morning, I like to sit on the old bench nearby, just breathing in and out and listening to the water.

This morning I found myself thinking wistfully of a favourite cool place, a secluded cove called Old Woman Bay on the northern shore of Lake Superior where the steep cliffs rise right out of the lake, where the loons sing at sunrise on summer days, and the water runs cold and clear over the rocks.


jzr said...

My gracious, you're warmer than we are here in Virginia ... but we'll be catching up ... it's headed our way! Yuck!!
Gorgeous fountain!

daringtowrite said...

Old Woman Bay, I know this place from my last Cross-Canada drive. It was a hot day then, too, though not quite so along that windy shore and I shared a picnic with two wonderful young children and their parents. I just couldn't drive past a beach on Old Woman Bay and not stop for a visit.

GreenishLady said...

I like that fountain, and I love your Old Woman Bay post. Wild and beautiful.

Kim Antieau said...

I want to go there! Thanks for the wonderful pics and words.