Saturday, December 24, 2005

Sound the Retreat

After an emotionally fraught morning yesterday, one spent clearing up last projects, closing out my office and saying goodbye to friends and colleagues at the firm, it is time to head deep into the Lanark woods for several hours. I need to breathe in good fresh country air for a while, I need old trees and rocks around me, the bracing scents of spruce, pine, cedar and fresh snow.

An old mechanism is kicking in here, and my compelling desire to run off to the woods this morning tells me that yesterday was more distressing than I realized at the time, for this is a personal tradition of sorts, and one I have been observing (or fulfilling) for many years. When feeling weary, confused or troubled, I pack up the necessaries and go off into the woods for a long ramble - I turn my back on my woes and the city streets, and I head for the wilds as fast as my old legs can carry me.

It doesn't matter what the weather in Lanark is like this morning or how cold it is, I simply need to be in the woods - I need to be out there, just breathing, and hopefully putting some perspective on the events of recent weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Florida. Just finished reading your most recent blogs. The photos are wonderful and make my feet cold. Writing down life and leaving at least part of our feelings upon the parchment, or in the blog, seems a good way to deal. Happy Winter Solstice Season & Happy Day to you. Sandi