Thursday, December 22, 2005

Heavy Cloud, Much Snow

No snowflake falls in an inappropriate place.
Zen Saying

When our recent heavy snow storm finally blew itself out, there was absolutely no doubt about it - winter had arrived in the city, and it was here to stay. It took hours to clear out our downsloping driveway, and doing that was a remarkable exercise in patience and restraint. As quickly as we shovelled out the driveway, high winds blew the snow right back in.

When I went for a walk around noon, I was astonished by height and breadth of this pile of snow, which reached as high as the second level balcony of an apartment building on Cooper Street. There are vast amounts of snow everywhere in the city, and this was only the first big storm of the season. Where on earth are we going to put all the white stuff later in the winter? Now, there is a koan to contemplate. . . . If today's Zen saying is true, then this huge and very inconvenient heap of snow (and all the others too) is exactly where it should be.

Although there was a raw wind, and walking was difficult in most places, it was a pleasant day for pottering about and looking at Christmas "clobber". If there had been an hour or so of sunshine, it would have been a perfect day.

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