Friday, November 11, 2005

Zen Moon and Canada Geese

Last evening around ten o’clock I wrapped up in my favorite old jacket and shawl and went outside for a hour or so with my dog, Cassie. It was a glorious night, cold and clear, and when I looked up, the stars were so close that one could almost reach out and touch them. Southeasterly, Orion was just rising above the horizon, and in the southwest, a radiant moon was riding high and almost full. Now and then a skein of Canada geese flew across that radiant moon on their way south, and I wished that I had taken my camera outside with me to record such rare and shining moments. The brief appearance of the migrating geese against the moon now and again was a clear signal that deep winter is on its way, something which I have known in my blood and bones for some time now.

Last evening the moon above me was a perfect Zen moon. It seemed silly in the presence of such spare and regal luminescence to think about the past or linger on the myriad possibilities of my uncertain employment future. To paraphrase a few words from Cad Goddeu, an ancient Welsh poem in the Book of Taliessin, I "knew the light whose name is Splendour". In the deep cold of my quiet city garden, I breathed in and out and was perfectly content to rest in the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend. The words you left for all to read transported me to the Canada land. Chilled to the bone, a southerner not used to such, shuddered aloud as she watched the Canada Geese shadow the Zen moon. I felt...I too,"knew the light whose name is Splendour". (Cad Goddeau)

You see, your blog opens further portals for me to travel and encourages me to come out of the rut I find myself in. Encouragement is a beaufiful gift. Modron