Monday, November 14, 2005

Stormy Weather

A wise friend noted recently that I have entered the period of my second Saturn return, and that mine is a Saturn return "with a vengeance". I am surprised that I didn't think of it myself. Saturn's second return is seldom a comfortable time, and one may expect tumultuous experiences and surprises by the dumpster when Saturn is making its second appearance in one's life, job losses, wrinkles, lost sleep and much worry about what lies ahead.

This is a time of reflection when one examines her life and comes to terms with things done and undone. She reflects upon the choices made on her journey so far and sorts through almost sixty years of life experiences, mining long ago events, forgotten dreams and painful decisions for clarity, wisdom and authenticity to take into her eldering years.

Human nature being what it is, our reflections are bound to be both bitter and sweet, and perhaps that is just as it should be. One cannot build a future entirely on sunny afternoons and gentle breezes - one also needs to carry along strong memories of driving rain, the kind of lightening that "paints the sky" and some good rolling thunder.

I am not sure where this trail is leading me or where it will end, but that doesn't matter at all. There are fine adventures waiting for me somewhere up ahead, and it is the journey which matters, not the destination. Job or no job, it feels good to be on this road, and besides, I've always loved driving rain and thunderstorms.


Anonymous said...

early morning and I find myself reading your words and thinking how they echo my own life right now......last night my 16 year old crawled into bed and murmoured .mom , I think our lives are shifting......I smiled mostly because she has the maturity and wisdom to feel that deep within her young bones and that I know the old soul within her is sparkling with life. I have been listening to Echart Tolles works on CDs ....its hard to live in the moment ....until I look out ...and see the earths glory before me and I think there could be no better time to be now...I feel that roll of thunder ...aisling

SLW said...

Happy anniversary, Cate! I've been browsing this morning, reliving your journey with you (and the parallels to my own "letting go" last fall when you wrote this)-- your last paragraph here is right on target, as is all your writing. Life is indeed an adventure...

Isn't it funny how we still love our earliest posts? My own first is still the best of Foothills Fancies, The Preying Game. And Artemis struck just yesterday, so she too is loyal to the journey.

Thanks for directing us to these examples of your great writing, and for keeping the dormant Foothills Fancies on your list (it'll be back soon)...

May driving rain and gentle breezes always attend your journey, friend.