Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fruitful Blooming

How quirky it is to be thinking of Kyoto in bloom this morning, but Kyoto is in my thoughts, and there is also a long ago and faraway (but clear and vivid) image in my mind of the great Buddha at Kamakura, (the Daibutsu) framed by cherry and plum blossoms in springtime.

Cassie and I pottered along the hedgerows in the park this morning a little after sunrise, and we were in splendid company. There were crows strutting in the green, and a blackbird in full display burst into liquid song as we passed by. Three rabbits grazing among the wild grapevines looked at us curiously and returned placidly to their foraging.

There are always a few surprises in the hedgerow in these springtime mornings. A few days ago we discovered vibrant clusters of striped crocus blooming among last autumn's fallen leaves. A vagabond plum rooted itself among the ferns in the hedgerow several years ago, and this morning, the little tree has come into flower for the first time — it is filled with happy buzzing.

There is an original haiku sequence here.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your Spring postings and photos. Thanks for making your walks so vivid. A treat for the senses.


Tsutsu said...

Imagination is free and very efficacious. I can hear the buzz of bees around the plum flowers quite vividly from here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cate,
What a beautiful description of your pottering. I can see this and feel it, as if I were there with you and Cassie.
Just beautiful.
Your soul sister

Val said...

Ahhhhh, Kyoto in cherry blossom time is magical isnt it? Especially the way the sakura intersperse with the graceful willows, as they bend over the small streams of Gion.

Catherine Mary said...

Beautiful picture and I enjoyed reading about your walk. I'm learning to really look around me more after I read your posts.