Friday, June 13, 2014

The Full Rose Moon of June

June's full moon is sometimes called the Midsummer Moon because it occurs near the Summer Solstice, that brief interval in time when the Sun reaches its zenith and seems to stand still for a short time before beginning its inexorable tumble toward shorter days and longer nights. The word solstice means "sun standing still" or stopping, and the Sun does indeed seem to stand still on the two solstices of the calendar year, but it is we earthlings and our little blue planet who are spinning in orbital motion, and not the magnificent star dancing serenely in place at the center of the universe we know.

Summer reigns in the northern hemisphere, but the season is brief, and we tend to focus our thoughts and energies on Helios ascendant, not quieter (but no less radiant) Lady Moon lighting balmy summer nights in a tapestry of twinkling stars. When June's full moon makes its appearance, we are out tending our shaggy fruiting gardens and already thinking ahead to autumnal rhythms of harvesting and gathering in.  In the Lanark Highlands of eastern Ontario, the first grain harvest of the year is beginning, and local fields will soon be heaped with bales of timothy (or blue grass), alfalfa and sweet clover. Is there anything on the planet to compare with the spicy "sniff" of freshly cut clover?  Storms are part of the season too, and alas, there was no moon to be seen last evening, only dense clouds, thunder, lightening and heavy rain.

Corn and oats are reaching for the sky in exuberant growth, and fields of barley are "pinking up" nicely. At sunset, deer graze in the shadows, and wild turkeys forage in high oak groves, expressing their pleasure at the dainties on offer. Cups, baskets and thoughts all are brimming with light and bounty, but within a few days, daylight will be waning, and cooler times will be on their way - we accept their coming, but for the moment, our musings are all wrapped up in warmth and sunlight.

We also know this moon as the: Bass Moon, Big Mouth Moon, Big Summer Moon, Blackberry Moon, Bulbs Mature Moon, Columbine Moon, Corn Tassels Appear Moon, Dancing Moon, Duckling Moon, Dyan Moon, Egg Hatching Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Egg Moon, Eucalyptus Moon, Fatness Moon, Fish Spoils Easily Moon, Fishing Moon, Flowering Cherry Moon, Full Leaf Moon, Gardening Moon, Green Corn Moon, Hoeing Moon, Honey Moon, Hot Moon, Lady Slipper Moon, Leaf Dark Moon, Litha Moon, Lotus Moon, Lovers' Moon, Mead Moon, Middle of Summer Moon, Midsummer Brightness Moon, Midsummer Moon, Moon of Horses, Moon of Little Fawns, Moon of Making Fat, Moon of Planting, Moon of the Turtle, Moon When Green Grass Is Up, Moon When June Berries Are Ripe, Moon When the Buffalo Bulls Hunt the Cows, Moon When the Hot Weather Begins, Moon When the Leaves Are Dark Green, Moon When the Leaves Come out, Moon When They Hill Indian Corn, Oak Moon, Peony Moon, Planting Moon, Pomegranate Moon, Raspberry Moon, Ripening Moon, Ripening Time Moon, Seventh Moon, Sockeye Moon, Solstice Moon, Strawberry Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Summer Moon, Sun High Moon, Thumb Moon, Turning Moon, Watermelon Moon, Windy Moon

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