Thursday, May 01, 2014

A Beltane Gifting

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)
It has been an unusually long winter here in the north, and nights in the highlands have been cold, sometimes hovering only a few degrees above freezing.  It will be another week or so until colonies of bloodroot and trout lilies are well up and thinking about blooming, but a single protected specimen of bloodroot lifts its head here and there, and I found the first one of the season this week.

The shy white bloomers with their golden hearts are something of a seasonal marker for me.  When I encountered this one glowing softly in a flickering stone-warmed alcove, I could have gotten down on my creaky knees and kissed the good dark earth - the bloom was that perfect.  Down I went for a closer view, and I stayed for a while, feasting my eyes and attention and discovering another fragile blooming somewhere within.

Along came one of those wild epiphanies I cherish so much, especially in springtime when the north woods are coming to life again.  It was a moment of kensho, one of those fleeting intervals of quiet knowing that I like to call "aha" moments.  Forget the fancy stuff - this right here is the ground of my being.

A very happy Beltane (or May Day) to everyone.  It is raining steadily here, but may there be light and blooming and fragrance in your own part of the world.


Pienosole said...

Thank you, and the same to you!

nif dü said...

And a blessed Beltane to you, as well! Here in the lowlands, we share in the same wet, earthy Spring, bone chilling but the signs of Life are everywhere!

Kiki said...

... and a happy Mayday to you - in France it's a holiday and people send and give each other a 'muguet' (very, very wrong for people like me with an allergy) - I've sent out about 20 SMS with a 'brin de muguet' - without sneezing.
I share your thoughts of thankfulness for these early signs of your spring.... here we have had much rain over the past weeks but a great & beautiful and very early spring in March....

Tabor said...

Your corner of the world is so much more peaceful than mine. I need to find a quiet space.